Memories: an archive album

Contains all of my previous works from 2008 until 2016 including 2 of my early EPs: Penurious EP and Loss EP plus some of the long lost tracks and B side. Some of them are unmastered, unsequenced, and probably unfinished. You probably won’t like all of them.

Photo by Luh Ayu Krisdayanti
Artwork design by Miftah Bravenda 


Short Update

Hi, It’s been a while.

Btw, Happy New Year! i know it’s kinda late but whatever. I got so many plans for this year and it has been busy first week of 2018.

In the near future, i will unleash my new musical project. As i posted on my Insta-Story a week ago, i just finished recording a song for this new musical project. It’s an electro-metal project. The project it’s called Medieval Primordial. All the process for the song is already done and will release it pretty soon on digital music streaming.

Also my deadline for this year is my new album for Miftah Bravenda. I’ve been working for the album quite long time and i could say right now is 80% done. It’s not easy man to release something big like Full-length album by myself. There will be some collaboration on this album so don’t worry. It’s not fully instrumental electronic album. There’s a chance that i will release something from the album on my Patreon. So make sure you become a Patron if you don’t want to miss it.

I’m planning to travel a lot this year. Hope i can post something interesting for my Youtube channel.

And that’s it, I’ll let you know soon if there’s anything come up on my next post.



Eglantine-Subtle Grooves For the Soul (Reviewed)

If you enjoy relaxing to subtle grooves, you will also enjoy taking in the sounds of Miftah Bravenda on “Eglantine”, a handsome production with a flawless exhibition of musical prowess. Miftah Bravenda, through his latest release exudes individuality and a bold, knack for the original.

Miftah Bravenda creates a rare listening experience that is pleasing to the ear while traveling in its own lane. The song however, is appealing as a loungey groove and ultimate chill-out soundtrack. “Eglantine” is carefully crafted to deliver an alluring presence which captivates fans as they mull over the poetic lyrics sung over the instrumentals.

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“Sonder Asa” is claustrophobic, nervous, and at times, scary. At times, it’s also sadly gorgeous…almost heartbreakingly beautiful, as it traipses between elements and atmospheres you might find on a Boards of Canada and Explosions in The Sky release.

It’s a track that sounds about 5 times better really late at night, and roughly 10 times better when you’re playing it really loudly in the dark. If you’re drawn to electronic music expecting something to dance to, or something that’ll liven up a party, or even if you’re looking for songs in the traditional sense, then yes, you’ll probably be disappointed. But that would be missing the point.

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You Look Like Something I Knew Once Exclusive Single

Get the exclusive release of “You Look Like Something I Knew Once” only on Patreon. With span-new artwork curated by Desiree Grace Tan.

Limited only for 20 people.

Music, mixing, and production by Miftah Bravenda at Are You High? Soundlab, South Jakarta – Indonesia
Mastering by bedroomdaydreamer at No Fvtvre Studio, East Jakarta – Indonesia
Artwork by Desiree Grace Tan
℗ Gerbang Kecil Records



“Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise” – Victor Huge

Kutipan diatas mengatakan kepada kita agar tidak kehilangan harapan sebesar apapun penghalang. Namun, bagaimana bila tidak ada lagi celah untuk berharap?

Setelah mengeluarkan single Eglantine yang bertema kehilangan beberapa saat lalu, Bedroom Musician sekaligus Producer asal Serang-Banten, Miftah Bravenda kembali menyuguhkan single terbarunya yang berjudul Sonder Asa.

Pemakaian Sonder Asa sebagai judul bukan tanpa alasan. Ketika memutuskan Sonder Asa sebagai judul lagu barunya, Miftah Bravenda menginginkan kata yang intens untuk menggambarkan bagaimana seharusnya manusia merefleksikan rasa tidak memiliki harapan, rasa kehilangan asa, dan betapa beratnya proses menuju perubahan.

Dalam proses pengerjaan setiap lagunya Miftah Bravenda tidak pernah lepas dari nuansa electronica sebagai ciri khasnya dengan menambahkan sedikit unsur post – rock. Seperti dilagu Sonder Asa ini, penikmat musik bisa dibuat merasakan melodi yang sedikit menyimpang dari harapan nada yang dipikirkan. Merasakan bagaimana efek dari pelepasan dopamine menuju dua daerah kunci di otak saat menikmati setiap ritme bersamaan dengan ketika sebuah rasa antisipasi, kesalahan dan resolusi dari harapan – harapan gagal untuk diwujudkan.

Miftah Bravenda selalu berharap para penikmat musiknya dapat menikmati hasil dari setiap keresahan-keresahan yang ia rasakan di dalam kamar tidurnya dalam bentuk lagu.

Bahwa sebenarnya ketika seseorang terjebak dalam suatu kondisi yang nyaman, beberapa bagian dari dirinya menginginkan suatu perubahan. Perubahan yang akan membawanya menuju tujuan awal dalam menjalani hidup, menggali potensi apa yang sebenarnya dimiliki. Tetapi terkadang comfort zone membuat seseorang merasa kehilangan arah.

Pada akhirnya Sonder Asa akan membawa siapapun yang menikmatinya merasakan bagaimana rasanya menuju titik dimana kenyamanan konstan bisa menjadikan hilangnya harapan akan suatu perubahan dalam hidup.

Lagu Sonder Asa diproses dan direkam oleh Miftah Bravenda di Are You High? Soundlab dan beberapa rekaman tambahan di kamar tidurnya. Dilanjutkan dengan sesi mastering oleh Steve Corrao di Sage Audio, Nashville-TN, Amerika Serikat. Sedangkan untuk artwork dikerjakan oleh Jasmine Andini.

Single Sonder Asa dirilis secara digital dan dapat diakses melalui platform – platform streaming musik seperti Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, dll.

Produced by Miftah Bravenda
Engineered and mixed by Miftah Bravenda at Are You High? Soundlab, Indonesia from January 2016 to May 2017. Additional recordings by Miftah in his bedroom, Serang – Banten, Indonesia. 
Mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio, Nashville – TN, USA.
Artwork design by Jasmine Andini.


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