Short Update

Hi, It’s been a while.

Btw, Happy New Year! i know it’s kinda late but whatever. I got so many plans for this year and it has been busy first week of 2018.

In the near future, i will unleash my new musical project. As i posted on my Insta-Story a week ago, i just finished recording a song for this new musical project. It’s an electro-metal project. The project it’s called Medieval Primordial. All the process for the song is already done and will release it pretty soon on digital music streaming.

Also my deadline for this year is my new album for Miftah Bravenda. I’ve been working for the album quite long time and i could say right now is 80% done. It’s not easy man to release something big like Full-length album by myself. There will be some collaboration on this album so don’t worry. It’s not fully instrumental electronic album. There’s a chance that i will release something from the album on my Patreon. So make sure you become a Patron if you don’t want to miss it.

I’m planning to travel a lot this year. Hope i can post something interesting for my Youtube channel.

And that’s it, I’ll let you know soon if there’s anything come up on my next post.



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